BMW free exhaust mod!

I just uploaded a new video demonstrating how to modify exhaust in BMW M cars for free! Simply, remove one fuse when exhaust valve is open and it won’t close making your car louder. It will also make more pops and bangs! I works even on M Performance exhausts however only the ones with electronic valve.


Below you can see the screenshots from my phone which was used to measure how many decibels (dB) my BMW will produce before and after the mod.

On the left you can see a measurement taken 1m behind the car. 2dB max more with the mod in place and much more on average.

Inside the car the difference was even more noticeable.


BMW M135i exhaust flap. How does it work?

For a few weeks now I was trying to find out how exhaust flap in my BMW M135i works. As I couldn’t get a solid answer I took my GoPro, mounted it to the back bumper and I gone for a ride. The flap is based in the left exhaust pipe just after back box. I controls the flow and the sound. The flap will open when you want car to be loud and close to keep it quiet and prevent any drone.

I created 2 videos showing how the flap behaves during cold and warm start and difference driving modes. I hope you will find this videos helpful. Please give my videos thumbs up if you found them interesting.

Drive through Yorkshire Dales

Between Christmas and New Year I finally had some time to sneak out with my GoPro and just go for a drive in my new BMW M135i. I hope I will be able to do it more often so I will be able to show you the best roads Britain can offer. In this video I began my journey near Thruscross reservoir and after about 25 miles I finished my journey near Fewston reservoir. There is a map at the end of the movie. The sound is a bit quiet as it was captured by iPhone inside the car as wind ruined sound captured by GoPro. I will try to come up with better solution next time. Enjoy the video and remember to give me thumbs up!

New car!


After 3 years with my Audi A4 I made a decision to move on. This time I decided to forget about the economy  and go with POWER! As it’s my first RWD I had to be careful before I got used to it in the corners but now I just love it! More about it in “My car” section.

A57 – Snake Pass is it really that good to drive?

Every petrol head in UK probably hear about famous A57 called Snake Pass. According to many this is one of the finest stretch of tarmac on this island. Is it? Not for me!


I had a pleasure to drive it and I was disappointed. Yes it does have many corners and some nice views but you have speed limit of 50mph and even 30 in some places. If you are stuck behind “normal” driver you are done for few miles.

Yorkshire Dales is so much better!!!



REVO intake installed!

When the box arrived I was bit shocked as you could easily fit in a toddler in it. When I opened it I found another sizable box to open. Inside I found some filling, few intake parts wrapped in foil and another box containing air filter. All well packed. It also contained 4 A4 pages with list of items included in the box, list of required tools and installation manual in 15 steps with small photos. So far everything was tip top!


Installation was easy but some element didn’t fit perfectly. I think REVO should add few close up photos on how exactly install heat shield. Overall quality of parts was good with exception of rubber pipe. Inside the pipe there is a rubber ring and rubber around it could be cut out much better. I didn’t have time during installation as I was losing day light fast but at some point I will take it out and cut it out nicely with stanley knife.

Now… big question. Does it sound nice?

Yes. If you like turbo whoossshhh and sound of BOV you will like it. If you drive in town and you are driving slowly it’s hard to notice any difference but if you push it a bit it will become very noticeable even at very low revs.

Does it fell more powerful? Well… maybe. I think many people stating that after they installed intake car suddenly become more responsive and quicker. I think this is placebo effect as more sporty sound of engine make it more exciting. I don’t think you could notice difference that much difference with extra 5hp and 9Nm in a car with over 200hp and 350Nm. Maybe someone will do the dyno before and after one day.

Any issues? Unfortunately yes. The heat shield became so hot after 10 minutes of driving that I could barely hold my hand on it. I think it’s made of powder coated metal and unfortunately metal isn’t great in stopping heat! I will need to think about dressing this shield in some kind of insulation to stop heat from transferring to air filter chamber. Another think I didn’t like is the sound when you go up the steep hill, holding same speed. You can they hear a bit of annoying whistling. Lucky you won’t hear it very often and problem disappearing with windows closed.

Am I happy with it? Yes, so far. I will keep you updated if I spot any more issues.

I hope that above article and below video will help you to make decision whether it’s something for you.

New REVO intake arrived!

After months of considering adding any modifications to my car and trying to find good insurance deal I finally ordered REVO intake dedicated to B8 2.0TFSI.  You might ask why, what for? Simply, since I sold my Passat which had V5 engine I was always missing that sound. Surely this intake won’t add an extra cylinder but I’m hoping that I can substitute that by louder sound of turbo, engine and lovely whossshhhh from blow off valve. REVO claiming that this intake will add at least 5hp and 9Nm but I’m very sceptic in regards to claims like that. As I’m really not hoping for more power or torque I won’t waste money to do dyno tests.


I will be installing it within next few days. I will try to make video of before and after to compare sound outside and in the cabin.

A4 B8 on three wheels!

I didn’t think this was possible in 1,5 tone car with standard suspension. How that happened? This happened in the corner called “The Wiggler” at Blyton Park. This is where I braked from almost 100mph to about 38mph while turning during the end of braking.